Mobile Catering. Is it right for you? Becoming a successful food truck entrepreneur is hard work and the hours are long. There are a few things you should probably ask yourself before taking the keys to your own food truck.


Startup: Do you have the initial investment it takes to start a food truck?
Do you have a business plan and a budget?

Commitment: It takes time to build a new business.
Are you ready for the long haul?

Experience: Possessing good business savvy is important, but hiring the right food truck. Personnel is also key to your business.

Quality: Are you cooking up some great food? Are your recipes unique? Will your concept stand out among the competition?

Location: Where will you park your restaurant on wheels? Parking regulations vary from city to city. Finding the best location is not always easy.

Creativity & Branding: Who are you? What makes your food unique? Branding is one of the most important aspects of a food truck, second only tothe quality of your food.

Website & Social Media: If you haven’t already, embrace it. If you’re mobile, the key to survival is a customer knowing where to find you.


As an approved Snappy Snacks independent operator, you will own the business and own the route. Mobile catering is a multi-million dollar business. We’ll put you in the right vehicle that best suits your brand and provide you with the specialized training you’ll need to start and manage your own restaurant on wheels. As part of Snappy’s family of operators, we’ll provide you with catering opportunities unique to our business. In some instances, we can even help you develop your own route stops.

Branding is everything. Snappy Snacks and its partners will help you with your logo, website, truck wrap, menu board, signage, business apparel and even with custom fabrication of your food truck. Whether you’re selling standard breakfast and lunch or offering your customers a gourmet experience, we want your brand to reflect who you are. When they hear your truck’s name, what does the customer think about?

• All-Inclusive Lease Options

• Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates

• Owner Financing


Food Truck FAQS:


We have a variety of trucks in our fleet and most come with the following equipment:


Large Grill, 2-Basket Fryer, 12-Pan Steam Table, Prep Area, Overhead Compartment Storage, Cold Plate Refrigeration/Freezer, Warming Oven, Exterior Display Compartment, Exterior Ice/Beverage Display Area, Exterior Coffee Urn, Exterior Trash Bin, Condiment, Box w/Cup Tubes & Napkin Dispenser, Rear Trash Door, Hand Wash Sink, Aluminum, Floor, Triple Sinks w/Drainboards, Cutting Boards, Cook Seat, 4 Large Roof Vents, Emergency Exit Door


Truck Dimensions:

• Length – 24 feet, Width-12 feet, Height-9 feet


Connection & Quantity:

• Two 3-prong plugs; 110 amps; 12 volts

• Water Tank Size: Main-30 gallons, Coffee Dispenser-10 gallons

• Propane Tank: 26 gallons

• Service Window Position: Passenger Side

• Fire Extinguishers: (1) Standard Red (1) Silver K-Type

You may be ready to jump behind the wheel of your own food truck but not so fast! There’s a legal side to operating a food truck. Do you have all of your business licenses, food handling certificates and health permits? Requirements vary from city to city and Snappy Snacks will help you determine what you and your truck need to be street legal.

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Do you already own your own truck or food trailer? Choose us as your licensed commissary and we’ll provide you with a Commissary Letter plus access to all of the essential supplies, services and equipment needed to be in compliance with city and county regulations AND maintain a successful food truck business.


Commissary Rates:


• $100.00 – security deposit

• $100.00/month - access to wash bay, grease disposal,

   grey water disposal, trash dumpsters

• $950/year – substantial discount if fee is paid annually

• Signed credit card authorization form required

• Automatic billing on the 1st of each month plus a 3% processing fee

• Parking – additional fee; limited availability

Snappy Snacks provides individual mentorship and an all-inclusive entry-level training program that covers the how to’s of operating your own restaurant on wheels. From food safety and sanitation to branding and marketing, Snappy Snacks will help you launch your business and teach you the importance of making the right business decisions.





Our licensed full service commissary provides all of the essential supplies, services and equipment needed by independent operators to establish and maintain a successful food truck business. We meet all mandated health code requirements set forth by city, county and state entities and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standard in safety and sanitation.


• 24-Hour / 7-Day Member Access

• Secure Gated Parking with Surveillance Cameras

• Parking Spaces Equipped with Electrical Charging Stations

• 16-Bay Wash Facility w/Grease Disposal and Gray Water Disposal

• Propane at Affordable Prices

• Ice and Potable Water

• Pest Control

• Garbage Disposal

• Cold and Dry Storage

• Food and Beverage Warehouse (Served By All Major Suppliers)






• Meat Market (Fresh and Cut To Order)

• On-Site Mechanic Shop

• Custom Builds and Fabrication

• Food Court, Beer Garden and Music Stage Available For Private Events and Launch Parties

• Onsite Professional Embroidery Services by Our Partner Savant Embroidery

• Private Conference Room Equipped with Wi-Fi, Conference Phone, Flat Screen Television

and Apple TV

If the mobile catering business is for you, call for an appointment with one of our professional and expert staff. We'll help get you started on the road to success!