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Cost for Leasing/ Buying a Food Truck.

We have a variety of trucks in our fleet, all-Inclusive lease options and daily, weekly, and monthly rates. The following are the cost for purchase or leasing a vehicle.



Monthly Rental

$120/day(billed on Mon-Fri) = $2520.00/month

Insurance (Billed Monday-Friday Only)

Texas License:

$22.30/day (Billed Mon-Fri) = $468.30/month

*Insurance premium is high for international liscenced drivers.

Service Fees (Billed Monday-Friday Only)

Commissary: $43.00 x 21 days = $903.00/month

Pest Control: .53/day x 21days = $11.13/month

Taxes: $4.80/day x 21 days = $100.80/month

Maintenance: $1.25/day x 21 days = $26.25/month

Total= $4029.48/ per month

($191.88 /per day)

Branding Fee (Non- Refundable)

Per Truck: $1500.00

Late Fee on Rent & Services

$35.00 per day (billed after 3rd of the month)

Other Miscellaneous Fees:


Accident Deductible and Fees

Insurance Deductible: $1000.00

Snappy Administrative Fee: $1500.00

Total: $2500.00

Mechanic Services:(1.5 Hour Minimum)

Regular Hours: $90.00/hour (Mon-Fri 10am-8pm)

After-Hours: $120.00 hour

Towing: Varies

Commissary Services ( Outside Customers- Billed

Annually or Monthly)

$1000.00 - annual fee if paid in lump sum

$1200.00 - annual fee paid monthly at $100/month

Full Commissary Services (Billed Monthly)

$860.00 per month - includes parking, electric, wash bay, grease disposal, trash disposal, grey water disposal and non-potable ice.

The following food trucks are available for lease or purchase.

Food Truck #47

(Available for lease or purchase.)

Food Truck #65

(Available for lease or purchase.)

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